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Globe Wareing Cropper is a long established (1963) and versatile practice of private clients and commercial solicitors providing a highly professional and personal service.

We are a modern, progressive practice with traditional values. We always put the client first. When you phone us, you speak to a real person; you won’t be passed from one voicemail to another

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Our Clients

The main aim of the practice is to provide a ‘professional and personal service’ for both individuals and businesses and we act for clients not only in Liverpool but also all other parts of England and Wales.

Our client base is very mixed given the nature of the practice. We act for many private clients in relation to their personal affairs. We also act for many small and large businesses in respect of their commercial activities.

We routinely deal with everyday transactions, such us the buying and selling of houses, the settlement of accident claims and the preparation of wills. We recognise the great importance of these matters to our clients and we apply the same care and standards to each.

Our aim is to give the best service we can to all our clients which is why we believe they recommend us to so many others, and why they come back again when they require our help.In recent years, we have has advised clients as far afield as the Lake District, mid Wales, London, the Home Counties, the South coast and other parts of the country.

Price Transparency

We are committed to providing clear and transparent arrangements for the charging of our fees in all matters. You will always be provided with a quote or an estimate, in writing, once you have provided us with sufficient information regarding the work you would like us to carry out for you.

Residential Conveyancing

Our fixed fees relate to the firm’s costs for undertaking the legal work on your property transaction including when necessary dealing with registration at the Land Registry and submission of Stamp Duty Land Tax returns.

Sale of Property

The fixed fees range from £750 - £1,000 depending upon the type property being sold.

Purchase of Property

The fixed fees range from £750 to £1,000 depending upon the type of property being purchased.

Right to Buy

If you are purchasing your Council House under the Right To Buy Scheme, the fixed fees range from £750 - £1,000.


The fixed fees range from £500 to £750 depending upon the type of property being remortgage.

Transfers of Equity

The fixed fees range from £750 - £1,000 depending upon the type of property being transferred. During the course of your transaction we will advise you if and when any issues arise that may require any costs or fees that are over and above the standard fixed fee or, any additional costs to those of which we were aware at the time of giving you the initial quote. We will then seek youragreement before proceeding to incur any additional costs.

Timescales for sales, purchases and transfers

How long it will take from offer to completion will depend on a number of factors. The average process takes between 4 -10 weeks. It can be quicker or slower, depending on the parties in the chain and the extent of those Parties’ circumstances. We can provide more detailed timescales when we have more information.

Stages of the Process

The precise stages involved in the sale or purchase of a residential property vary according to the circumstances. However, below we have suggested some key stages that you may wish to consider:

  • Take your instructions, confirm our quotation and anticipated disbursements as may apply and provide you initial advice as to how the transaction may proceed.We will need to verify your source of funds to ensure adequate finances are in place and we will make initial contact with the other parties solicitors and lenders’ solicitors (if necessary) to record our interest.
  • Receive or prepare contract documents.
  • Carry out searches when acting in a purchase transaction.
  • Raise any necessary enquiries after consideration of the Title or correspond with you so as to formally respond to enquiries of the Buyers solicitor.
  • Provide advice on documents and information received.
  • Confirm relevant conditions of the mortgage offer with you and obtain your signature to the Mortgage Deed.
  • Attend upon you where possible and if not send to you the report on the purchase, the final contact and transfer documentation to you for signature in anticipation of exchange and completion.
  • Agree the completion date
  • Confirm your authority to commit to the contract by way of exchange and notify you when this has happened.
  • Arrange for monies required to complete to be received from you, the lender or other party if appropriate.
  • Complete your sale or purchase.
  • Deal with the submission of a Stamp Duty Land Tax Return and payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax where necessary. If the property you purchase is in Wales, we shall submit a Land Transaction Return and deal with the payment of Welsh Land Tax.
  • Submit an application for registration of the Title at Land Registry and register your mortgage (if applicable).
  • In the care of a Leasehold property, we shall arrange to serve a Notice of Assignment and any other obligations detailed in the Lease.

If you contact us for a quote, we will give you a detailed breakdown of these additional fees for you to agree before we start work on your matter.


The most common Disbursements are detailed below.

Additional Services

We also offer additional conveyancing services including:

  • Auction Packs
  • Declaration of Trusts applications for Possessory Title
  • Transfers of Equity
  • Assents
  • Trusts

Other costs

All fixed fee services are subject to terms and conditions which will be provided at the outset of your matter. In addition VAT will be payable at the prevailing rate currently 20%. Our fixed fees do not include disbursements which are costs related to your matter which are payable to third parties such as search fees or Land Registry fees and payment of Stamp Duty and Land Tax. The types of searches required will be specific to your property. Stamp Duty and Land Tax will depend on the purchase price of your property. You can calculate the amount you will need to pay by using HMRC’s website of if the property is located in Wales by using theWelsh Revenue Authority’s website.

Supplemental charges

Submission of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) Return £75.00
Gifted deposits£75.00
Indemnity Policy (where there is a title defect (per policy)£60.00
Rectification of title prior to a sale£100.00
Dealing with an unregistered title£100.00
Dealing with the investigation of more than one title£100.00
Drafting of Deeds£100.00
Dealing with a New Build property£150.00
Dealing with the Government Help to Buy ISA Scheme£50.00
Dealing with Overage Agreements£200.00
Shared Ownership Lease Enquiries£200.00
Dealing with a Licence to Occupy£200.00
Dealing with Tenancy enquiries£100.00
Dealing with Solar panel enquiries£60.00
Dealing with the discharge of additional mortgage/loans£50.00 per loan
Dealing with septic tank enquiries£60.00
Dealing with a mortgagee in possession£100.00
Preparing a Declaration of Trust£200.00
Anti-Money Laundering AML ID Check (per name)£15.00
Telegraphic Transfer fee£30.00
Dealing with leasehold property£200.00
Dealing with redemption of Help to Buy mortgage£100.00
Drafting conditional exchange contract£100.00
Registering/removing charge at Companies House£30.00
Approving existing tenancy agreement£50.00
Compliance with or removal of registered Caution or Notice (per restriction)£100.00
Approving/drafting Statutory Declaration/Statement Of Truth (title rectification)£100.00
Approving/drafting Deed of Variation for Lease£100.00
Approving/preparing Key Undertaking£50.00
Dealing with bridging finance or Separate Representation£300.00
Effecting or advising in relation to a guarantor£150.00
Providing independent legal advice£150.00
Completing ID1£150.00

Purchase of property

Local, Environmental and Water Search and other searches, the total costs of which vary depending upon the location of the property being purchased, H.M. Land Registry fees vary depending upon the purchase price paid, Stamp Duty Land Tax varies depending upon the circumstances of the purchaser.

Official Search - £3.00 per person
Bankruptcy Search - £2.00 per purchaser
Bank Charges- £24 per payment


H.M. Land Registry Title Information - from £6.00 per title

Bank Charges - £24 per payment

Flats and Sale Purchases

In addition to the above, Landlords and Managing Agents may charge additional fees for the service of notices and completion of Standard Enquiries. As these fees vary, we will advise you of the cost as soon as we are able.

Globe Wareing Cropper Solicitors

Estate Administration and Probate

Probate is the process for dealing with the estate of someone who has died. It includes the valuing the assets and liabilities of the Estate, completing the various forms, collecting the assets, paying off any debts and distributing their assets in accordance with their will or the Intestacy Rules.

We can help you with all matters from simply applying for the Grant of Representation, to dealing with the administration of the estate in its entirety.

The costs involved in dealing with the matter will depending on the complexities of the Estate and the amount of work required. We can provide a detailed estimate of costs after the initial meeting.

However, if we are simply securing the Grant without being involved in either the valuation of assets or liabilities or the subsequent administration of the estate, then the costs will be between £1,250 – 1,750 + VAT and disbursements. This assumes that the basic Inheritance Tax Form is required. If not, this will increase the costs by £750 + VAT.

If we are involved in the actual administration of the Estate both pre and post Grant of Representation or in relation to any dispute relating to the estate then our costs will be based upon the hourly rates of the Fee Earner as detailed above unless a separate basis of charging is agreed.

It is difficult to details exactly how long the Probate process will take as there are many factors that can affect the timescale. These include any delays in getting the information we need and delays with at the Probate Registry. However, we would estimate that even the average probate and administration matter can take between 4 to 6 months.

In addition there will be some disbursements, the usual ones are as follows:

Probate Court Fees – from £276 plus £1.50 per copy

Bankruptcy search - £2 per beneficiary

Statutory Notices to Claimants (Section 27 notices) in London Gazette and local paper as protection against unknown creditors £200 – £300 estimate.

Valuation fees for property/personal chattels/investments Unoccupied Property Insurance (depending on various factors)

Globe Wareing Cropper Solicitors

Wills & Power of Attorney

It is very important that you make a Will since if you die without a Will, the Laws of Intestacy will determine who is entitled to your money and property which may mean that this is transferred to people you would not want to inherit such as estranged relatives

In addition, your Will should be drawn so as to ensure that it is the most efficient for Inheritance Tax Purposes..

The costs of will vary depending upon the complexity of the Will but our Fixed Fees range from:

Single Will from £300 + VAT

Double Will from £500 + VAT

Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney (an “LPA”) is a legal document that lets you appoint someone (known as an “attorney”) to make decisions on your behalf. It can be used if you become unable to make your own decisions. You should be aware that if you were to lose your mental capacity, no one has the automatic right to deal with your assets. Most banks and building societies now require sight of an LPA, Deputyship Order, or Enduring Power of Attorney (pre October 2007) before they will provide information, let alone access to your account. An LPA allows you to plan ahead to protect your assets by appointing someone of your choice now to act as your attorney.

Types of LPA

There are two types of LPA and you can have either one of them or both of them together:

  1. Property & Financial Affairs

    Deals with matters such as opening and closing bank accounts, buying or selling property, claiming and receiving benefits on your behalf, paying bills etc.

    You do not necessarily have had to have lost mental capacity before your attorneys can start acting under this LPA. There may be other reasons, such as physical disability or illness, which means that you may wish for them to commence acting under it.

  1. Health & Welfare

    Deals with matters relating to your social and health care needs e.g. decisions about medical care (including life sustaining treatment if you so wish), where you live, what you wear, what recreational activities you partake in.

    This LPA can only ever be used if you have lost the mental capacity to make such decisions for yourself.

What happens if you do not make an LPA?

Making an LPA is money well spent because the alternative is costly and time consuming. If you become mentally incapable (through whatever cause) of handling your own affairs the Court of Protection will make individual decisions on your behalf and if the Court of Protection decides that someone needs to be appointed to make all decisions on an ongoing basis they will appoint a “Deputy” to make decisions on your behalf (the terms and length of the appointment will be set by the Court of Protection). Each time an application is made to the Court of Protection to make a decision there will be a fee.

It may be that the local authority, or a relative you may not necessarily want, is appointed to act as your Deputy.

Until a Deputy is appointed all your assets, including joint accounts and jointly owned houses, may be frozen. It is not possible to make a Lasting Power of Attorney after you have become mentally incapable.The process of applying to the Court of Protection to become a Deputy is lengthy and expensive; it requires a doctor’s certificate, a volume of paperwork and sometimes a Hearing to prepare an Order, and costs of approximately £1,500 or more. It also takes, on average, 6–9 months, whereas LPA’s are usually finalised in around 3 months.


Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial Affairs - £600 + VAT & Court fee

Lasting Power of Attorney for Health & Welfare - £600 + VAT & Court fee

Single Person doing both LPAs - £800 + VAT & Court fee

Couple each doing one LPA - £800 + VAT & Court fee

Couple each doing both LPAs - £1,000 + VAT & Court fee

Globe Wareing Cropper Solicitors

Employment Tribunals

This is work that is not currently undertaken by this Practice.

Our Personnel

Globe Wareing Cropper employs a team of highly trained and friendly solicitors, each with their own areas of skills and expertise.

Michael A Globe
Partner / Solicitor

Department: Residential Conveyancing / Commercial / Trusts
Joined Practice: Founding Partner 1963
Resident: Liverpool

Memberships/Appointments: Michael studied Law at Liverpool University, qualifying as a solicitor in 1960. After a short period practising in London, founded his own firm in 1963, where he has remained as senior partner ever since. Michael has completed 60 years on the Roll of Solicitor

David C Globe
Partner / Solicitor

Department: Residential Conveyancing / Commercial/ Private Client
Grade of Fee Earner: A
Joined Practice: 1997
Resident: Liverpool

David started working in the Insurance Industry in 1988 achieving the ACII qualification. David studied for the conversion course and Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in Chester and after 2 years training contract with the Firm qualified as a solicitor in 1999.

Sharon Foy
Conveyancing Manager

Department: Residential Conveyancing and Private Client
Joined Practice: 1989
Resident: Liverpool

Sharon joined the Practice in 1989 as the Personal Assistant for Michael Globe and over the years has become the Firm’s Conveyancing Manager working closely with the Partners in all aspects of the Practice

How to find us

We are a family firm at the heart of South Liverpool. Close to John Lennon Airport and the residential retail and commercial developments in this area. Our offices are easy to find, with parking nearby and we are also available to come to you if required. Click on the map below to see a detailed map of our location

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